• Pokka Teazzle Sparkling Lemon Tea

  • Product Details

    Teazzle fills the gap for a truly healthier Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) for consumers who still prefer fizzy refreshment, but are increasingly getting concerned about their health and calorie intake. The products are certified Healthier Choice by Singapore's Health Promotion Board, being lower in sugar. Consumers will love the delicious sizzling refreshment of Teazzle. It provides flavourful yet smooth blend of natural tea and real juice in refreshing carbonation, minus away artificial sweeteners commonly found in current CSD drinks which shout on zero calorie but come with artificial ingredients. POKKA Teazzle is the revolutionary sparkling enjoyment that is genuinely catering to health-conscious consumers – being made from non-artificial ingredients but natural tea and real juice, without artificial sweeteners. It refreshes and pampers you at the same time, by quenching away your thirst and cools you down in our hot climate, in a tasty and indulging flavours.

  • Price: Rs.200