• Giffard Chai Tea Syrup

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    Pure sugar syrup made from the natural aroma of tea. Contains clove and cinnamon extracts.
    No preservatives.

    "Chai" means "tea" in Hindi. For Western civilizations, it is a tea flavor whose dominant notes are cinnamon or cardamom. In India, chai is not a flavor of tea, it is tea. What Westerners consider a very elaborate drink is simply the standard way of preparing tea.
    Chai culture in India developed with British colonization. At this time, the British East India Company was booming, thanks in particular to the strong demand for Assam tea. Tea consumption in India increased, and the Indians gave the typically British preparation (black tea, with milk and sugar) a more local flavor by adding spices, such as ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

  • Price: Rs.1,600
    • Country France
    • Brand Name Giffard